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Just Type This name in the username box and your minecraft skin will be changed directlly.

• <PlayerName> = Any player on the server’s skin will be set as this.

• hidden = A good skin. try this first

‘• ‘LeaverBoy = A good skin

• metalheadcz = A good skin.

• Icarus = Looks like Ezreal from League of Legends

• Dominus = James from Pokemon (Team Rocket)

• Miner = A well skinned miner

• Goblin = An orc/goblin.

• Citizen = Original Skin (Even with texture pack.)

• Maokai = Caveman.

• Judge = Flash (Yes the Super Hero from DC Comics.)

• Guard = Master Chief from the “Halo” series

• Herobrine = The so called “Herobrine”, a rumor of Minecraft.

• God = A skin that resembles their image of God.

•Alberts = Mario type skin.

• Notch = Notch, the creator of Minecraft. (Also includes his Mojang Cape!)Edit
• PigZombie = Mudkip from Pokemon.
•Dragonianer = deadric armor

•Pixelglitch1=a miner with red nose

Dawdle2= A skeleton

•assassins_kid= Altair

• KingCharles = he is a creeper in golden kings clothing.

• Oracle = he is a regular creeper

• Librarian = he is an ancient monk librarian in a red robe, with a big hood.

• augphlosiom = A knight

• Basic = A tree man

• Wolfram = Reg Char in Gray and has a visor

• EnlightendDead = Me My kins change alot

• Hidendra = Creeper in a Suit

• Drakia = A blond haired guy in a mideval outfit

• Quaffle = Pale dude in a suit

• Jereq = Dude in a blue street clothes

• HoneyDew = Honeydew’s skin from Minecraft.

{C • Xephos = A homeless person (grey ripped shirt.)

{C • Israphel = A grey creeper face with dark coat.

{C • Grim = Futuristic Cop/Black Armor with blue shades.

{C • Ezreal = Looks like a boy with Goggles, blonde hair & green coat.

{C • Jason = Full Creeper Skin (From wiki.)

{C • Non = Grey/White skinned, Orange Hair & Shades with Red Shirt.(From wiki.)

{C • Gazz = Domokun. (From wiki.)

{C • Britannia = A green space military character. (From wiki.)

{C • Little = Orange fox with Glasses. (From wiki.)

{C • aPunch = aPunch (From wiki.)

{C • Chris = Minecraft Guy with Denim Jacket. (From wiki.)

{C • Joe = Red coated guy/wizard. (From wiki.)

{C • Engel = Girl NPC with White hair & White/Grey clothes. (From wiki.)

{C • Blockmann = Creeper with dark green/grey vest. (From wiki.)

{C • Chef = Guy with clothes & 3-D glasses. (From wiki.)

{C • Archer = Scottish guy (From wiki.)

{C • CaptainSparklez = Batman (CaptainSparklez’s Skin).

• Kaikez – Soldier

• Adventurer – link.


Warami – Batman

SoldjahBoy – ME! A zombie in a white suit

frosty – Robot or android of some sort

ParkerGG – guy in a black hood (good for wizard)

Joymo – Duke Nukem

AnewAaron – guy in suit

TheDarkStar – creeper (sort of)

Geecku – Creeper

Shoigun – Tron suit?

Giik – some trendy bloke

seekercat – weird looking guy

Yamatsukami – Japanese dude

MakaHearts – Spiderman

Kraiten – Bloodied Herobrine

WingOfWar – Modern Warfare Soldier

ThePengu – A charming chap wearing a monocle

- Ninja (edited bycraftmyworld)


Raecchi – Steampunk

Amber – that girl from pokemon

MizLiv – chick in a hoodie

AngelGirl737 – Girl in white armour
‘SuccubusQueen – Sexy girl in pink and purple gothwear

Soldan – Girl with pink vest and flower in her hair

Imporant :

• Changing an NPC’s color will remove it’s skin.
• Please identify any citizens that I cannot identify correctly.
•This can be used in multiplayer or singleplayer.

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